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Welcome to FitKinect!

First off, thank you for being here! As the founder of FitKinect, I love that so many people have found themselves believing in our vision and benefiting from our services. I started this blog to spread the knowledge that I know to be SO important in the quest to live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. I hope to do so by creating content that is informative, entertaining (forgive me for my attempts at last I think I'm funny), engaging and succinct.

To achieve these aims, most of the points I make will be rooted in published scientific research and sometimes its logical extension. The thing about fitness as it stands today is that there will ALWAYS be someone who says do or eat Y instead of X. My goal as a future MD is to provide information that is proven or at least closest to the truth as we know it today. That means it has been tested in a scientific study with appropriate design. Whenever I am projecting and stating an opinion simply based off my own experience, I will make sure to say so. Therefore, you can be assured that information is accurate to the extent of scientific knowledge where it stands today (of course, this is also changing and progressing every day). As a result my posts will likely include a few big science words- which will be translated- and some links to papers so you can check them out and nerd out yourself, if you so choose.

I really hope the information will trigger your curiosity and push you to ask questions as well as do some of your own research. Please engage with us and feel free to ask us questions directly. As a matter of fact, I hope the majority of my posts in the future come from answering your questions. Believe it or not, you will never be the only one who wants to know the answer to your question!

As mentioned, my goal is also to be short, clear and to the point. I know no one has the time to sit around and read blogs ALL day. You have things to workout. Plug don't have all day and neither does the workout buddy, trainer, or coach you're working out with, or at least SHOULD be working out with (join today!).

O, by the way, we like've been warned.



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