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The Fitness Platform

Browse your local fitness community for people looking to workout!  We're offering a host of features to facilitate the best fitness experience, including:

  • partner and group workouts

  • in-app scheduling 

  • smart matching algorithm

  • Sport-specific skills matching


Find a workout


Browse your community of trainers and coaches that can push you further and guide you along your fitness journey.

Are you a Trainer looking to share what you know or are looking for more clients? Sign up for a trainer profile!

Trainers/Coaches Coming Soon!

Connect with a fitness trainer or coach

New to the area? Lose your last workout partner? Join FitKinect's family of trainers, coaches, and partners all dedicated to their health and the wellbeing of their peers. Learn more about the MicroGym revolution and how we're keeping you safe in the pandemic!


Build a network

you can trust

Personalized fitness tailored to your needs and goals



One stop shop for everything fitness

With trainers and coaches on demand, simple in-app scheduling, and a pay-per-session personal training/coaching model, FitKinect holds convenience as a top priority

Find locals near you and train for free and pass on information you've learned in your own fitness journeys.


Physical, social and geographical optimization

Using our unique, scientifically crafted and supported algorithm, we match you with others that are best suited to give you the workout experience that will get you where you want to be




Maximize your ability to succeed.

Work out with someone new. Set your schedule with your current partner. Find a group working out near you.


Having others to hold us accountable and push us toward our goals and beyond is the best way to achieve them. And those "others" are right in your own community.


We'll help you find them.

Kinecting you to your personalized Fitness Family

From finding a workout partner..

It’s time to give up the notion that fitness is to be achieved alone. For the majority of people, it simply does not work out.. pun intended.


Studies have shown that working out with a partner improves your performance by up to 2x, so there's no reason for anyone to not pair up and get the most out of every workout.

So go outside. Go to the gym. Go to yoga. Go workout wherever, but go WITH someone. If you are in great shape, share your knowledge and success with someone else who wants to get where you are (and even get paid for it!) It’s time to make fitness a team sport..

..and FitKinect is here to make it easy. trainers/coaches..

Want someone who knows how to get you to where you want to go? Someone who is certified in the trade or just someone who was once in your shoes and has found the success you crave?

Browse your community of trainers and coaches that can push you further and guide you along your fitness journey. Learn a new skill, better your technique, or just have someone to hold you accountable.  Our platform allows you to find the right trainer for you, regardless of your goals.Trainer Features coming soon!

..we have it all!

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